About Us

Founded by Hilary Rodriguez-Taiwo who has a deep love and passion for beauty science, ‘HilarySays‘ is an online destination for all things beauty and the science behind it. Not only will Hilary Says tell you the right product to get your face glowing, your skin beaming and your hair glossy, but will also explain the pros and cons of different products, the process through which these products were created and the end result – genuine end result, all in a simple and entertaining way.

Our mission is to demystify the beauty industry by cutting though the hype to bring research-driven product insights and recommendations using science in an easy-to-understand way. We aim to help you answer your pressing beauty questions and help you find the best cosmetic products and procedures for your skin. Our reviews are based on breaking down the ingredients list of products using published scientific research, not by how the product feels on the skin.

As passionate beauty curators, our online store (Beauty Hall of Fame) is carefully stocked with cherry-picked (Yes! We are very picky) beauty products through our extensive selection process, so you can shop in the knowledge that everything that arrives at your doorstep has been meticulously edited for quality. We are not interested in products that get popular through marketing or celebrity endorsements alone, instead we roll up our sleeves and examine every ingredient list for quality that does not cut corners. If a product makes it to the “Beauty Hall of Fame”, it’s kind of a badge of honor.

When you shop with Hilary Says, it’s like spending time with a good friend who has a wealth of knowledge in cosmetics and always has great recommendations. Getting the right advice and products should not be a hectic process so we offer personalised skin consultations.

Thank you for being a part of this journey!


Hilary Rodriguez-Taiwo (Cosmetic Scientist)

Hilary Taiwo is a British-Nigerian certified Cosmetic Scientist from the University of the Arts, London College of Fashion with over 8 years’ experience in her field. Cosmetic Science is the chemistry behind cosmetics, which includes skincare, hair care, color cosmetics and perfumery. She is also a certified Make-Up Artist from the London School of Beauty and Make-Up.

Technically, Hilary started her cosmetics career from the basics; in make-up application, and continued with its science as an undergraduate. In 2004, she began her career as an independent beauty consultant to Mary Kay where she gained experience in the industry’s service and retail end. In 2010, she continued her career at the technical end of the industry, as a research and development product formulator for Maxfactor, Cover Girl, Dolce & Gabbana Cosmetics.

Hilary’s passion and flair for make-up, beauty and the science behind cosmetics has led to her working with a plethora of renowned cosmetic brands like Mary Kay Cosmetiics, Lancome, YSL Beauty, Nars, Kiko Cosmetics, L’Occitane, Aesop, Eve Lom, Frederic Malle Fragrances, Maison Francis Kurdjian Fragrance, Kenneth Greene Fragrances and R & R Luxury, thus enabling her fully understand and hone her skills as a cosmetic scientist.

With a passion for beauty/cosmetic science, a thirst for transparency in the beauty industry and products that deliver, Hilary set up Hilary Says to help people understand the science behind their beauty regimen, and the best products to use to ensure safety, while enhancing natural beauty. 

Dr Uju Rapu (Medical/Cosmetic Doctor)

Uju Rapu is a medical doctor specialising in the field of Aesthetic and Anti ageing medicine. After attaining a pre med at the University of Manchester and her MD degree at the Windsor University School of Medicine, in the West Indies, she moved to Nigeria and attained board certification by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria.

She pursued clinical medicine for a period at St. Nicholas hospital in Lagos, but with an evident passion for Aesthetics, went on and trained with some of London’s Harley Street Aesthetic Specialists in the performance of cosmetic and anti ageing treatments on both black and caucasian skin types; including botox therapy, dermal fillers and chemical peels.

She currently performs and advises on a range of aesthetic treatments including Mesotherapy, Skin lightening, Micro needling and Facial rejuvenation, Intravenous supplements, non-surgical weight loss techniques and more. She has set up her clinical practice, Bel Fiore, to bring you the best and latest anti ageing and minimally invasive cosmetic skin treatments with particular focus on skin colour.