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It’s one thing to be entirely focused on make-up, hair products and skin care but not know what it is you’re putting on and in your body. You religiously follow the new fad but still don’t see positive results. It’s frustrating, right?

Hilary Says is a blog based on cosmetics…and the science behind it. Not only will Hilary Says tell you the right product to get your face glowing, your skin beaming and your hair glossy, but will also explain the pros and cons of different products, the process through which these products were created and the end result – genuine end result, all in a simple and entertaining way!

With our expert Cosmetic Scientist – Hilary Rodriguez-Taiwo, Trichologist/Hair-care Enthusiast, and Medical/Cosmetic Doctor – Dr Uju Rapu on board to guide you, no matter your skin tone, skin type or hair type, you will find out easy steps to ensure that you look younger, become healthier and most importantly, FEEL and BE safer.

This is not just a cosmetics blog; this is the “Science of Beauty”.

Head over to the About page to learn more about each expert. We have some articles available for you to read on the blog already, please read and enjoy them. If you will like to contact us for any questions, enquiries or collaborations, kindly go to Contact Us – our details are available there.

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