Uju Rapu

Uju Rapu is a medical doctor specialising in the field of Aesthetic and Anti ageing medicine. After attaining a pre med at the University of Manchester and her MD degree at the Windsor University School of Medicine, in the West Indies, she moved to Nigeria and attained board certification by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria.

She pursued clinical medicine for a period at St. Nicholas hospital in Lagos, but with an evident passion for Aesthetics, went on and trained with some of London’s Harley Street Aesthetic Specialists in the performance of cosmetic and anti ageing treatments on both black and caucasian skin types; including botox therapy, dermal fillers and chemical peels.

She currently performs and advises on a range of aesthetic treatments including Mesotherapy, Skin lightening, Micro needling and Facial rejuvenation, Intravenous supplements, non-surgical weight loss techniques and more. She has set up her clinical practice, Bel Fiore, to bring you the best and latest anti ageing and minimally invasive cosmetic skin treatments with particular focus on skin colour.