Whether in its natural or relaxed (chemically straightened) state, healthy hair is hair that is balanced with elasticity, strength and nutrients. It has its protective layer (cuticle) intact with little to no breakage across the shaft.

A healthy scalp is free from itch, inflammation, redness, bumps, bruises, secretions, white heads and discomfort.

To achieve the best head of hair that you can possibly have, the importance using properly formulated products with the most beneficial ingredients cannot be overemphasised.

Sometimes, the solution to your hair issues goes beyond hairdressing and cosmetics. When it comes to hair loss and scalp problems, your hair is truly a barometer of your health. Other factors such as medication (even vitamins and supplements), hormones, stress, nutrition, allergic reactions – to name a few, play a big role in distressing or restoring your hair and scalp.

Through this platform, I will bring to you expert information and advice on how to keep your hair and scalp healthy and fresh using the right ingredients, products, methods and practices.

This will not be overwhelming or complicated. It will be fun! I promise. Tune in…

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