Product Review: Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment

Sunday Riley isn’t just the brand founder, she is the brand formulator. Each product reflects her belief that in order for results to count, they have to be visible, appreciable and fast. The targeted treatments are designed to visibly improve the quality of your skin, including the signs of aging, dryness, oiliness, acne, dehydration, and the appearance of pores and spots. 

Why It Is NOT Ok To Shape Your Eyebrows With Hair Removal Cream

There are new beauty trends constantly coming up, as we’re always looking for hacks or tips to make our beauty routine easier. However, some of the most popular ways of enhancing our looks carry with them some concerning health hazards that clearly outweigh all of the benefits. This new trend of shaping your eyebrows with hair removal cream is absolutely crazy and I’ll tell you why.

Is Talcum Powder Truly Dangerous?

It was in the news recently that Johnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay a whopping $417 million to a woman who claims she developed ovarian cancer after using their baby powder for decades since she was 11. This isn’t the first time the company has been involved in a lawsuit over its popular powder—and it will likely face hundreds more cases in the future, according to Reuters.